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North American Railcar Corporation Signs Exclusive Model Hopper Car Agreement with Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation

North American Railcar Corporation (NARC) today announced the signing of an agreement with The Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation (SGCC) for the exclusive rights to manufacture and sell model rail car replicas of the new SGCC grain hopper cars. This Agreement will allow NARC to participate with the SGCC to create new high quality model railway rolling stock with new and innovative graphical designs. This agreement will cover each model railcar replica manufactured and sold with the SGCC's newly branded and copyright design as well as all future designs.

NARC is a subsidiary of Pacific Western Rail Systems (Holdings) Ltd. (PWRS), which is located in Surrey, British Columbia and is one of North America’s largest retail outlets for model rail cars. NARC (and PWRS) is owned by over 150 shareholders, most of whom are model railroaders. The SGCC and NARC have signed an agreement which gives North American Railcar Corporation the exclusive rights to use the new SGCC hopper car design for the manufacture and sale of model hopper car replicas.

"As far as I am aware, this agreement is the first of its kind anywhere" said Mr. Dan Huberman President of North American Railcar Corporation. "As a result of this agreement North American Railcar Corporation can now make the investments necessary to create a model that accurately replicates the SGCC hopper car in every minute detail. The SGCC cars were manufactured by Hawker Siddeley, and there is currently no available accurate model in either HO or N Scale.

Our Customers and Shareholders have been complaining for years about how plain looking rolling stock have become, we hope these cars will reverse that trend. Instead of complaining about the plainness of the cars we decided to be proactive and encourage the SGCC to use a more eye catching design when repainting their hopper cars. The result is a car for modellers that will be distinctive on their layout and the people of Saskatchewan will be proud to say is theirs. “Huberman added.

"The Honourable Buckley Belanger, Minister responsible for the SGCC was correct when he said that this is truly an innovative approach to promoting Saskatchewan and increasing the profitability of the SGCC.  said Huberman.

It is anticipated that these model SGCC hopper cars will be available through North American Railcar Corporation in 2008.


Link to the Offical Press Release

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